aeSolutions’ Greg Villano to Speak on Maritime Cybersecurity Issues at Port of the Future Conference

Greenville, SC – March 15, 2021 – 2021 Port of the Future Virtual Conference -- aeCyberSolutions, the Industrial Cybersecurity division of aeSolutions, today announced that Senior Principal Specialist Greg Villano will be joining a panel of experts for a discussion on specialized maritime cybersecurity issues revolving around industry operations, regulations, education, and real-world case studies at the upcoming Port of the Future Conference, taking place March 15-18, 2021.

The 2021 Port of the Future Conference will be addressing the pressing and current issues that are facing maritime ports of entry, regulators, and associated industries. The conference will be offering the opportunity to examine an expanding and evolving vision of future Ports of Entry to corporate leaders, trade and logistics professionals, government officials, and leading researchers.

“I’m looking forward to sharing my real-world experiences addressing cybersecurity challenges in IT/OT systems onboard vessels and at maritime ports and terminals” says Greg Villano. “The good news is that, with a good process, addressing the US Coast Guard and IMO guidance for maritime cybersecurity is not that difficult as they are based on establish best practices and standards for IT and OT cybersecurity such as those published by NIST, ISA and IEC.”

WHAT: Panel: Issues in Maritime Cybersecurity

WHEN: Wednesday, March 17th,9:05 am CT

WHO: Greg Villano, Senior Principal Specialist, Industrial Cybersecurity, aeCyberSolutions

WHERE: 2021 Port of the Future Virtual Conference


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Kari Walker for aeCyberSolutions