aeSolutions at AIChE's 2020 Virtual Spring Meeting and 16th GCPS

Upcoming Sessions and Technical Presentations with the aeSolutions Team.

*all times listed are Central

Tuesday, August 18th

11 AM "I Just Didn't Think" - Improving Situational Awareness

Chair - 2020 Walton-Miller Award Winner, Kathy Shell

Situational awareness is the operator’s perception of environmental elements, conditions and operations coupled with internal knowledge, training and interpretation skill. Operating companies want to provide the training, opportunity and environment to enhance the operators’ situational awareness so that they make the right decision, the first time, every time. This session will explore practical ideas to improve the outcomes and prevent process safety incidents.

11:20 AM Designing Operator Tasks to Minimize the Impact of Heuristics and Biases

Presenter - Dave Grattan

This paper proposes a combined approach of discussing the cognitive psychology behind System 1 and System 2 thinking, the types of heuristics we use, the biases that result, and operator task and interface design that can minimize the likelihood of systematic bias. The paper will incorporate the learnings from 5 years of safety critical Task Analysis performed for field and control room tasks. A practical operator response to abnormal situation model will be described that will link the heuristics used and potential biases that may occur, as well as design features to minimize the likelihood of those occurring.

1:30 PM What I Need to Know When I Get Up in the Morning

Panelist - 2020 Walton-Miller Award Winner, Kathy Shell

This session will share best practices and lessons learned for mid- and late-career professionals in supervisory roles, tasked as mentors to young professionals in the field of Process Safety, while also providing benefit to those newer to field. Example topic areas could include: Strategies for back-filling PSM expertise; Long-term mentorship; What to expect / not expect from recent graduates or those new to Process Safety: how/can E-Learning/ Virtual training fill the knowledge gap: What should Competency for young professionals look like.

Thursday, August 20th

11 AM Cybersecurity in the Chemical Industry; Where Process Safety, Control and Optimization Meet the Digital Age of Connectivity (invited session) I

Chair - Marco Ayala

In today's interconnected world many new digital technologies are being developed and deployed. Nowhere is this more true than the Chemical Industry.In this track you will hear from industry experts on the current state of cybersecurity best practices and standards. Speakers will address technology applications and implementations in both brown and greenfield scenarios. The goal is to maximize results while minimizing cyber security risks.

11:00 AM ICS Risk Assessment Standards & Best Practices in the Chemical Sector

Presenter - John Cusimano

There is no simple recipe for how to secure an industrial automation and control system (IACS) and there is good reason for this. It is because security is a matter of risk management. Every IACS presents a different risk to the organization depending upon the threats it is exposed to, the likelihood of those threats arising, the inherent vulnerabilities in the system and the consequences if the system were to be compromised. Furthermore, every organization that owns and operates an IACS has a different tolerance for risk.

11:20 AM Overview of CyberPHA Methodology Including Visualization of the Results Using Bowtie

Presenter - John Cusimano

A proven methodology, called Cyber PHA, based on ISA/IEC 62443-3-2 has been developed and applied to conduct ICS cyber risk assessments throughout the process industries. This presentation will describe the methodology with examples of actual applications to identify, rank and mitigate cyber risk in ICS systems. Furthermore, we will demonstrate how Bowtie Analysis can be used to visualize the results and apply degradation factors and controls related to cyber barrier assurance.

1:30 PM Cybersecurity in the Chemical Industry; Where Process Safety, Control and Optimization Meet the Digital Age of Connectivity (invited session) II

Chair - Marco Ayala

2:10 PM Cybersecurity - Culture, Awareness and Training - the Right Approach for Plant Sites

Presenter - Marco Ayala

One of the struggles I witness today is good training programs and poor training programs. What works well and started out on the right track, then slowly fizzles out. It all starts with Culture. Culture driven safety coupled with ICS security awareness and training is key to success. This talk covers how awareness and training are importantly defined elements within the CyberSafety Lifecycle with the Keystone (Capstone) being Culture. Approaches to all three elements are presented.

Friday, August 21st

9:30AM & 11:00AM Case Histories - GCPS Joint Session I & II

Chair - PPSS Vice Chair Laura Ankrom

Reviews of process safety incidents provide valuable learning opportunities. This session invites papers to help understand the causes and lessons learned from incidents in the industry with an emphasis on events that have helped define and develop the process safety field over the years.

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