aeCyberSolutions Events This Week

aeSolutions' Industrial Cybersecurity Team is participating in events this week.

June 29th: Krish Sridhar will be a panelist for Cybersecurity With Your DCS: It's Not as Intimidating as You Think as part of the PA innovation sessions. Learn more-->

For a long time, most plant personnel responsible for distributed control systems have avoided the cybersecurity talk. But is it really as complicated as it seems? It certainly doesn't have to be. Starting the conversation is always a good step in the right direction. That's why we'll talk with DCS and cybersecurity experts about what information plant personnel really need to know — from cybersecurity programs and standards to what resources already exist to help them.

June 30th: John Cusimano will be part of Cisco's Energy Infrastructure Cyberattack: Lessons, Protections, and Incident Response.

  • Attack framework details of recent industrial cyber incidents and how industrial processes reliance on the enterprise network increases the threat

  • Creating a formal process and procedure security plan to protect assets by utilizing tools that identify them and detect when they are breached

  • Preparing an effective incident response plan to minimize damage and return to full operation

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