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Pipeline Cybersecurity

Addressing Pipeline Cybersecurity Risks and the TSA Security Directive (SD) Pipeline

2.6 million miles of pipelines deliver trillions of cubic feet of natural gas and hundreds of billions of tons of liquid petroleum products each year in the US. The safety, security, and reliability of pipeline operations has always been a top priority but today, the IT and OT systems that operate these facilities face new threats from malicious actors and malicious software, such as ransomware.  These threats, coupled with vulnerabilities in these systems, increase the risk of safety, environmental, or supply interruption events.

The new TSA Security Directives require operators to implement documentation, reporting, and fundamental cybersecurity measures as outlined in the TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines.  

aeCyberSolutions has been providing IT and OT cybersecurity support to pipeline operators for over 7 years by helping them identify vulnerabilities, assess the risk, develop mitigation plans, and assist in remediation.  We can help in all aspects, regardless of your organization’s level of cybersecurity maturity. Our methods meet the intent of the TSA's 2nd Cybersecurity Directive calling for a Validated Architecture Design Review (VADR).

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