Creating Network Diagrams

Accurate industrial control system (ICS) network diagrams are critical to maintaining and securing an ICS. Physical network diagrams show the construction of the network, endpoint information (e.g., MAC address, metadata), media type (e.g., Ethernet, fiber), port type (e.g., trunk, access), port status (e.g., physically blocked, administratively down, etc.), and serial connections. Logical diagrams include subnets, VLANS, zones, routing information, dataflows, and layer 3 redundancy. Zone and conduit network diagrams show how the assets and networks are partitioned into security zones which can be depicted in a Purdue model level hierarchy.

They support firewall / router rule development, help visualize questionable data flows, and help identify potential inter-zone vulnerabilities.


Our ICS network experts develop process control network (PCN) diagrams.

  • Logical Network Diagrams

  • Physical Network Diagram

  • Zone & Conduit Diagrams

  • Asset inventory data is integrated and displayed

  • Drawings follow industry best practices (e.g. Purdue hierarchy, ISA/IEC 62443 zones & conduits)


  • Aids in maintenance and support

  • Accurate, up-to-date documentation

  • Visualization of how the network is logically partitioned (e.g. subnets, VLANS)

  • Visualization how the network is physically constructed

  • Visualization of security zones and conduits


  • Diagrams delivered in native Visio format

    • Logical    

    • Physical

    • Zone & Conduit

Learn more about the importance and methods of creating OT Network diagrams: