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Evaluating, Selecting and Deploying

Our approach is vendor neutral.  As such, there is no sales spin, just an impartial evaluation of products, with unbiased guidance from those who know how to use them. It is our goal to help customers understand the differences in the products available, select the one that is best for their needs, design a pilot evaluation in conjunction with an onsite vulnerability and risk assessment, and help deploy the solution.

Several OT cybersecurity products are available today featuring targeted functionality to address the unique requirements around asset management, intrusion detection, patch management, configuration management, threat intelligence, etc.  While these products offer valuable insight into the real-time security posture of their ICS networks, asset owners are struggling with determining if, when and how they might deploy these technologies across their fleet of ICS systems.  Grappling with these issues can be an incredibly complex challenge for organizations with multiple facilities and diverse ICS platforms. 


At aeSolutions our subject matter experts (SMEs) have experience working with asset owners and vendors on a structured process of selecting, testing and deploying OT cybersecurity products.  This process typically starts with an evaluation of the various solutions available in today’s market. There are a number of variables to consider such as which ICS vendors and protocols are supported, ease of use and training requirements, reporting interface, hardware requirements, sensors placement and communication architecture with the end goal of implementing a scalable solution.  We can help guide organizations through this process.  Our service offerings are flexible ranging from SME consultation to project implementation support.


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