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aeCyber Role Based Training

Train the right people, on the right topic, and at the right time.

One of the challenges that many companies face is how to craft an effective OT Cybersecurity training and awareness program. 


This task can become overwhelming with various roles within the organization required to engineer, design, build, operate and maintain. Role based training is one approach to consider when organizing your company’s cybersecurity training initiatives. To ground us in what role-based training is we will discuss an everyday example. ​


aeSolutions can provide computer based training tailored an individual's role that is is grounded in industry standards and teaches best practices for the specialized industrial OT space. Our role-based training modules allow a client to select a training curriculum based on their specific needs and cybersecurity maturity all while reducing overall program costs. 

See how aeCyberSolutions can help:

Most roles within an operating facility align to 1 of 4 profile types for targeted training. 

Operators General Staff


  • Operators

  • Local IT Staff

  • MOC Coordinators

  • Site Support Staff

  • Site Security Site Administration

Example Training Needed

  • Best Practices  & Awareness

Managers & Supervisors


  • Maintenance

  • Engineering

  • Operations

  • Process

  • EHS

Example Training Needed

  • Company Policy & Standards

  • Best Practices & Awareness



  • Instrument and Control Analytical

  • Electrical

  • Contractors

Example Training Needed

  • Procedure & Job-Aids

  • Best Practices  & Awareness

Subject Matter Experts


  • Automation Engineers

  • ICS Network

Example Training Needed

  • Industry Standards

  • Procedure & Job-Aids

  • Company Policy & Standards

  • Best Practices  & Awareness

To the right is an example of our  core curriculum applied across the different roles within an organization. The training paths and defined roles vary from client to client. 

These core training topics we have developed can be leveraged to address gaps and raise your team's cyber cognizance within your existing cybersecurity training and awareness programs. We refer to this list of topics as the aeSolutions Top 20 ICS Cybersecurity Practices.

You are free to mix and match as you like for your program, with or without customized content, to create a cybersecurity training initiative that is optimized to your organization.  

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aeCyberSolutions' Cybersecurity Top 20 ICS Cybersecurity Practices Training delivers the following benefits and more:

Cost Effective with flexible deliver options

Time Sensitive as the training is scalable to time constraints

Role Specific way of training what individuals need to know

Best practices for ICS Cybersecurity in your industry and/or site type 

Common Core based on our years of experience in the field


Company Specific with different levels of customization chosen by you

Custom Content

Leverage what you have.

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Raise the effectiveness of your cybersecurity training and awareness programs by creating company or site specific content. The aeCyberSolutions team can work with you to create custom training based on your existing company policies and procedures, all while leveraging our base core curriculum of OT cybersecurity best practices and industry standards.  

To the left you'll see a sample of how your content can become a part of our computer based training.

Ask for a demo today to see how we can help you develop and mature your program,