aeCyber ICS Cyber for Managers

aeSolutions partnered with SANS to deliver our “ICS Cybersecurity for Managers” course at SANS events or directly through our online learning portal.

Are you responsible for implementing an industrial control system (ICS) or an operational technology (OT) cybersecurity program? This course is for you whether you are a manager or a team member, or whether you work for corporate or at a site. We'll take you on a tour of the risks, concepts, terminology, standards, regulations, best practices, and jargon surrounding this important new field. You'll learn how to navigate through these complex considerations and apply effective structure and priorities to your implementation strategy and plan.

This course was developed and is taught by two highly experienced professionals: a former CISO of an oil and gas company, and the vice-president of industrial cybersecurity for an engineering and process safety services firm. The course is a "Reader's Digest" of what the instructors have learned over the last decade regarding effective management and implementation of an ICS/OT cybersecurity program. Throughout the course, they share practical advice and illuminating anecdotes about their experiences working with both large and small companies across a wide range of industries. You will leave with a set of techniques, tools, and templates to more confidently lead your company's ICS/OT cybersecurity program.

You Will Learn About:
* History and Trends in ICS Cybersecurity
* Regulations that Address ICS Cybersecurity
* ICS Cybersecurity Standards
* Building and Managing a Cybersecurity Program
* Preparing and Implementing a Governance Strategy
* Quantifying and Managing ICS Cybersecurity Risk
* Integrating ICS Cybersecurity into Your Organization
* Implementing Security Controls to Mitigate ICS Cybersecurity Risk
* Monitoring ICS Environments for ICS Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities
* Operationalizing ICS Cybersecurity

Why take this course?
Building an ICS cybersecurity program can sometimes seem quite overwhelming. It is difficult to sort through the priorities of your company's cyber-based risks. You have to wade through dozens of frameworks, regulations, standards, and industry best-practices, and then determine how to apply the requirements of hundreds of security controls throughout the organization. Where and how do you start? By completing this course, you will learn how to systematically, effectively, and pragmatically build your program from the ground up, step by step, continuously improving your security posture over time.

aeCyber ICS Cyber for Managers

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