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“A common gap in the pipeline industry is the lack of segmentation of the pipeline supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks which are the networks that connect the pipeline control center to every terminal, pumping station, remote isolation valve, and tank farm along the pipeline. These are very large networks covering extensive distances but they are typically “flat”, from a network segmentation standpoint,” John Cusimano, aeSolutions Vice President of Industrial Cybersecurity


It's almost always good to practice what you preach, and in the case of cybersecurity, it's downright crucial for end users, contractors, clients, suppliers and system integrators seeking to form a united front against cyber-threats, intrusions, probes and attacks, especially during the ongoing pandemic.


"There was initial panic when COVID-19 started up in March through May, but a lot has settled down since the summer, even with more recent spikes. Many projects to implement cybersecurity were paused during the pandemic because people were just focused on how to keep their plants running," says John Cusimano, solutions VP of industrial cybersecurity.