What would happen if your process control network failed?

Over the last few decades companies have expanded and transformed their process control networks by modernizing them with newer digital technologies, and integrating them with other parts of the business – both horizontally (e.g. unit-to-unit or cell-to-cell) and vertically (e.g. operations to business). Typically, these transitions evolved over time, often resulting in large, flat, multi-vendor, multi-generational networks that are organically extended, inadequately configured, poorly documented, and difficult to support and maintain.

PCN reliability issues, as well as security vulnerabilities, can lead to significant operational risks including: business interruption, lost production, and even health, safety and environmental impacts. Most PCNs we encounter have numerous troublesome network misconfigurations (hundreds or even thousands of them!), any one of which could be triggered given the right circumstance. In fact, we’ve seen a single network misconfiguration, lurking unseen in the network, cause a complete PCN outage and operational shutdown.

We can help you significantly improve the reliability and security of your PCN.

What is a PCN Network?

A process control network is the communication layer of a process automation system. For our purposes here, it includes PLC-based systems, DCS-based systems and SCADA-based systems in common use across industrial companies.


What are some common

  • Access ports

  • Trunk ports

  • Virtual LAN (VLAN)

  • Spanning Tree (STP)

  • Outdated or Vulnerable Firmware

aeSolutions has extensive experience in assessing, designing, optimizing, securing and commissioning complex PCNs. We specialize in helping industrial operating companies (who often have limited onsite networking staff) to unravel and clearly document their networks, and to identify reliability issues caused by poor network architectures and common misconfiguration issues. We then develop and implement detailed remediation plans to correct and optimize your PCN to improve both the reliability and security of your operation.

How does it work?

aeCyberPCN™ Benefits

Increased PCN reliability, security and performance

Accurate, up-to-date documentation

Improved maintainability

Stable basis for future expansions

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