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Why aeCyberSolutions™?

All over the world, the deeply troubling pattern of increasingly brazen cyber incidents highlights the disruptive damage and incredible costs of cyber-attacks. As cyber threats increase, so does the risk to your operation. The security of your industrial controls systems (ICS) is now a board-level concern.

aeSolutions, a recognized leader in ICS cybersecurity, has the experience, the talent, and the services to help you develop your strategy, assess your risk, create a sustainable program, and remediate your gaps and vulnerabilities.

Our proven aeCyber™ tools, techniques and templates provide you with a jump-start to industry best-practices as well as a risk-based strategic roadmap.  By choosing aeSolutions you:

  • Experience & understanding of the inter-dependencies between industrial automation, safety and security.

  • A standards-based, systematic approach to program and controls development.

  • Confidence you need to successfully build-out your cyber risk program.

Our aeCyber™ suite of services is a risk-driven approach organized into four competencies: Governance, Risk Management, Security Implementation, and Security Operations. By working with you and focusing on the core mission in each of these four areas, we can help you meet your mission.

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aeCyberSolutions Industrial Cybersecurity

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Our Core aeServices

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    A proven methodology that links realistic threat scenarios with known vulnerabilities and existing countermeasures and couples that with credible consequences from the PHA

    to determine cyber risk.

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    Using our proven  Five Pillars of Cybersecurity methodology, aeSolutions can help you justify, design, document and implement your Industrial Cybersecurity Program.

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    aeSolutions' methodology is designed to allow organizations to incorporate cybersecurity testing and validation into their Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) projects.

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    Development and implementation of an ICS patch management program and the deployment of software to assist organizations in meeting the requirements set forth in ICS cybersecurity standards.

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    We specialize in helping  companies (who often have limited onsite networking staff) clearly document their networks, and to identify reliability issues caused by poor network architectures and misconfiguration issues.

  • aeCyberOps

    Tools, techniques, and templates to assist  development of Asset Management & Vulnerability Management practices, create and validate their Incident Response Plans.

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    We offer trainings through partnerships with the ISA and the SANS Institute as well as bespoke developed training for you organization.

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